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About: Call me "T" or Toluwa.. preferably T.. and this is my personal art blog where i post photography, doodles and finished illustrations.
***All Images on this blog belong to me unless stated otherwise.***
sisaboo asked: 2, 3, 5! :)

2:Show your pencil case and what’s inside.

haha i don’t have an actual case here (i do at my other place), so i just toss everything into my bag (the same bag on the couch in the last post)

3:Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

I haven’t drawn much lately (or at all). I’ve been busy with films :/

5:Who/what inspires you?

Art, music, fashion.. etc.. i don’t look to specific artists anymore because there are so many of us. i look to the art they create. :)

Anonymous asked: 1 & 4

1 - Take a picture of your workspace.


This side of my room looks a bit boring lol. 

I occasionally move most of my stuff to the living room and work with my roommates, so i guess i have two workspaces? 


4 - Lineart or coloring?

Coloring. Depends on the final outcome though. Coloring just gives me a better sense of depth and form. :)

Artist asks GO!
  • 1:Take a picture of your workspace.
  • 2:Show your pencil case and what's inside.
  • 3:Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.
  • 4:Lineart or coloring?
  • 5:Who/what inspires you?
  • 6:Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
  • 7:Do you have any OCs?
  • 8:Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
  • 9:Favorite thing to draw?
  • 10:Least favorite thing to draw?
  • 11:Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
  • 12. Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?

Started a Society 6 Account!!

I’ll Draw/post more print friendly pieces but for now, what pieces would you like to see up?

doodles at the airport.
what is style? 

doodles at the airport.

what is style? 

Happiness is a product of our own design.

In light of the New Year, I’ve decided to mark down a few things I plan to do to make this a ‘happy’ new year. Feel free to add your own. As the title says, it is of your own design.

1. Regardless of distance, keep the significant people in your life close at hand. Write them a letter via snail mail. Throw a picture or postcard in for keepsake. Remind them that you are always there for them and they will always be there for you.

2. Seldom partake in the things you enjoy most. There is far greater value in the limited than the abundant. It goes without saying, “All because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

3. Be honest, even when it seems foolish, even when all sense of logic and reason fight against you. A lie will always come back to haunt you. Always tell the truth when it matters. You can always work through the consequence.

4. Be charitable and not just on the holidays. Donate. Volunteer. Give a homeless person a free meal. Remind yourself that it is human to be humane. One way or another, we need each other.

5. Forgive. We all make mistakes. Though it takes years to forget, and sometimes never, we can always forgive.

6. Read: A picture book, a novel, a comic, or even an instruction manual. Visit new worlds. Expand your vocabulary. Dance with the your imagination to a beautifully crafted symphony of words.

7. Smile. It’s been said before but the ephemeral power of smiling is tried and true.

8. Pay attention to the little things. The way the sun shines through a window, or an old man waddling like a penguin. Find little moments to brighten your day

9. Break the routine. If you find yourself doing the same things everyday, go on an adventure! Life is too short to live on repeat. The older we get, the more mundane and forgettable each day becomes. Make an effort to make each day memorable.

10. Love yourself. Above all else, know that you are a magnificent being. Do not compare yourself to the contorted views of beauty and photoshop. It’s easy to feel less than perfect. Challenge yourself to rise above that. You are perfect to someone. In a world where people are quick to hate and degrade, shame and berate, you must stand firm and show them you are confident, you are strong, you are loved.

(Source: toluwasikuade)

"3d map" playblast 2.. meh.

(Source: toluwasikuade)

(Source: toluwasikuade)

"3d map" Playblast 2 -_-

(Source: toluwasikuade)

Moroccan castle speed paint

Moroccan castle speed paint

(Source: toluwasikuade)

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